• We are in
  • Labour Contract Services:Asquare hr solutions help various clients by providing them employments in the different sectors of the industries.
  • High Level (Skilled) to Low Level (Unskilled) Employees and Managerial Staff: We provides different types of employees that are required by the needs and wants of different companies. Skilled as well as Unskilled employees are provided as per needs. Staff members are also assisted from us under the Labour act.
  • Gardening and Housekeeping:Our cleaning personnel have great attitudes and maintain the highest level of workmanship. We are committed to providing a reliable, trustworthy and high quality mechanized cleaning at general areas like Corporate offices cleaning , Machine shop Cleaning , road cleaning service etc.
  • For Gardening also, With the help of our skilled team, we provide services of Development & maintenance. Utilizing the required gardening skills such as weeding, mowing, cutting, shaping of trees, we make use of standardized machines and gardening tools to offer these services.
  • Facility Management Services: We are providing facility management to Corporate, Industries, Hospitals, and Institutes etc.
  • Security Services:  We are also in security services ( Aditi Security Force) which is a sister concern of Asquare hr solutions Private Limited


We as ASquare Hr consultancy provide the all kind of placement services in Pune and nearby areas from last 5 years. We have a large number of satisfied clients in his journey. Company has provide the placement for all kind of industries.

  • PF (Provident Fund) / ESIC Registration and Consultancy Services:
    1. Provident Fund / ESIC Registration: Asquare hr solutions even guide and assist the companies as well as the clients in getting the registration of the provident funds / ESIC. Work has been looked upon by our consultancy so as to avoid any mistakes and delay of the process and the work.
    2. Monthly Record Maintaining: Our consultancy also helps the companies into by maintaining their monthly records and keeping up with their new records and keeping everything organized and proper for the future references. All the challans and the different returns and expenses are looked after by the consultancy of their clients. So the client’s don’t have to worry about the challans or any other kind of returns in future.
  • Labour Law and Licenses and Compliance Under Various Labor Law :
    1. Record Keeping Under Various Acts: The asquare hr solutions helps the company into keeping the records properly organized and helpful for future references. All the different kinds of acts are looked upon by the company as our hr consultancy will guides in functioning of the company by proper record maintenance.
    2. Licensing Work:Asquare hr solutions also help the company by clearing up all the licensing work by the clients. As licensing work could be tiring and lengthy for the clients so our consultancy would be looking after the entire process of getting the license to company and looking after its smooth process.
    3. Compliance:Asquare hr solutions helps the different companies by looking after the compliance and the smooth functioning and working of the company
  • T (Professional Tax) Registration and Compliance
  • Factory Act Registration and Compliance:
    1. Plan Approval: We Asquare hr solution Pvt. Ltd help your company in completing all the formalities of the act and helping them in approving of the companies plan.
    2. Factory License: Asquare hr solutions also help different companies in getting the factory license by completing all the legal work on behalf of the concerned company.
    3. Record Keeping And Compliance: Asquare hr solutions also assist the companies by maintaining their records and book keeping and guiding the companies in various complications which may arise in the process as we help our client company in being organized in their functioning.